Acid Lake


Witch of the Wild Centre Parcs

Hey Tumblr, I’m not dead or trapped in some kind of pocket dimension (that I’m aware of). I have some big stuff coming that I’m not posting yet, until then have a warm up drawing from last week.

I will be live painting tonight at no. 51 on Stokes Croft here in Bristol for our Breakalead Fundraising.


This is just a little warm up drawing as I can’t show much of what I’ve been working on.

I will probably post some progress on twitter or instagram as I go too.

A section of a longform narrative print I’m working on. These colours may not be the final ones.

Warm up drawing from earlier this week, I don’t really post these, but I’m pretty happy with this one, even if my fire demon ended up sort of just being Calicfer.

That Haunted Place

Another image from last year I forgot to post. A3 digi prints are available, just get at me.

No More (magic, tree-headed) Prince Charmings.

This is one of my favourite images of last year that I absolutely failed to post, it was for a five colour silkscreen I printed. It was produced after watching some of Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs Women videos (which are seriously good and you should watch them if you haven’t). The idea was what I wanted to see happen to the industry, a death to the ‘old way’ of storytelling in video games, and what better way to portray that than fantasy violence?

What are you up to next Thursday? Oh you’re destroying a horde of rampaging swans, well that’s cool, but if you’re done early you should come to this. We are taking over a boat for an evening for our fundraiser. There will be art, music, and terrible terrible poetry, come along and you may catch me cracking a sonnet about an abandoned cathedral or something.

Obligatory Facebook Event!

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Pyrokensis in a Small Desert Town

Just playin’ with lighting and colour ways.

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