Acid Lake


All dread that which dwells at the base of the dungeon…

I have this thing on postcards, which I have a bunch of left, if you’d like me to send you one just drop me a message and we’ll arrange to get some art all up in your mailbox.

The Files of Crowning Balefire

My final installation at the Truman Brewery in the London as a part of Break A Lead 2014 Free Range. I really should of posted this before the actual event, but I have been living on sofas and peoples kindness for the past two weeks. A massive thank you to everyone that did come along, it was an incredible event.

The work is a collection of images and ephemera relating to the cryptic ramblings conspiracies of @crwningbalefire. You can expect some more from this project in the coming monthes over twitter and tumblr. 

Just want to finish with a big thank you to everyone who has followed or supported my work over the last three years, I’ve finished my degree with a respectable 2:1, you can all look forward to more stupid & bright drawings of skulls endlessly going forwards (and hopefully more frequently than I’ve managed before)

"…through the tactical use of incantations and chanting, we will maintain the ruin of our oppressors…" - Lotophagi pamphlet

Another piece for the final show, these will be available as A2 silkscreens soon. To attempt to learn more through cryptic non-sequiturs follow @crwningbalefire

Halftone derived from this photo, used under Creative Commons licensing.

(Source: iamacidlake)

"So many eyes piercing through the thicket…"

Teaser piece for the final show. Apologies for being an awful blogger, normal service will resume shortly. In the meantime, follow @crwningbalefire for cryptic updates about my project

Witch of the Wild Centre Parcs

Hey Tumblr, I’m not dead or trapped in some kind of pocket dimension (that I’m aware of). I have some big stuff coming that I’m not posting yet, until then have a warm up drawing from last week.

I will be live painting tonight at no. 51 on Stokes Croft here in Bristol for our Breakalead Fundraising.


This is just a little warm up drawing as I can’t show much of what I’ve been working on.

I will probably post some progress on twitter or instagram as I go too.

A section of a longform narrative print I’m working on. These colours may not be the final ones.

Warm up drawing from earlier this week, I don’t really post these, but I’m pretty happy with this one, even if my fire demon ended up sort of just being Calicfer.

That Haunted Place

Another image from last year I forgot to post. A3 digi prints are available, just get at me.

No More (magic, tree-headed) Prince Charmings.

This is one of my favourite images of last year that I absolutely failed to post, it was for a five colour silkscreen I printed. It was produced after watching some of Anita Sarkeesian’s Tropes vs Women videos (which are seriously good and you should watch them if you haven’t). The idea was what I wanted to see happen to the industry, a death to the ‘old way’ of storytelling in video games, and what better way to portray that than fantasy violence?

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